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Alumni News & Events

Dr. Wendy Willmore

NCC alumnus Dr. Wendy Willmore ('93) is a missionary surgeon committed to sharing the love of Christ with those in need of His healing touch.  She has a passion for training African Christian physicians to do the same. She works at Arusha Lutheran Medical Center and Selian Lutheran Hospital as a part of a great team of Tanzanian and expatriate workers who serve those whom God loves in the city of Arusha and surrounding region.  As a staff surgeon, she brings Christ’s healing to her patients with compassion and skill.  As a faculty member, she teaches her students and residents to do the same and models for them what a Christian surgeon should look like.  As program director, she is responsible for designing the new program, organizing academic and spiritual curriculum, and keeping tabs on the well-being of her residents.

We received her latest newsletter and are really excited to share this news with you. Three more surgical residents graduated from the Arusha- PAACS program! And there's more great news from Wendy. It’s an inspiring read!

We encourage you to support Dr. Wendy in carrying on the legacy of educating students with excellence! You can donate to the ministry online at:

You can hear more of Dr. Wendy's vision for ministry in Tanzania. Click on the link to watch her video:

Dr. Holly Han: Grade 12 Environment Management Interview - Nov. 2021

Recently, the NCC Grade 12 Environment and Resource Management class, taught by Ms. Laura Bailey, had the opportunity to interview NCC alumna Dr. Holly Han ('07). Holly went on to study Physics at the University of Ontario after her time at NCC and then moved on to study Earth and Planetary Sciences at McGill University where she recently graduated and now holds a Ph.D. She is a specialist and researcher at Los Alamos National Research Center and is working on prediction models of Climate change on glacial and ice sheet melting and its effects on sea-level rise

Ms. Bailey's...

Dr. Henry Regier

After reading Jessica Dieleman's article, "We Dig Archaeology" in the previous edition of the Collegian, Dr. Henry Regier ('48) contacted NCC to see if he could be of service to our students. He offered to present a lecture and hold subsequent discussions with our students regarding Great Lakes rehabilitation, or the likely effects of climate change - subjects which reflect his fascinating career in these fields. Needless to say, we were absolutely delighted and honoured to hear from him.