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Dr. Holly Han: Grade 12 Environment Management Interview - Nov. 2021

Recently, the NCC Grade 12 Environment and Resource Management class, taught by Ms. Laura Bailey, had the opportunity to interview NCC alumna Dr. Holly Han ('07). Holly went on to study Physics at the University of Ontario after her time at NCC and then moved on to study Earth and Planetary Sciences at McGill University where she recently graduated and now holds a Ph.D. She is a specialist and researcher at Los Alamos National Research Center and is working on prediction models of Climate change on glacial and ice sheet melting and its effects on sea-level rise

Ms. Bailey's class spent time interviewing Dr. Han on the subject of Climate Change. The students left this meeting feeling that their learning in the classroom led to their ability to understand the models and predictions she shared. They learned some new information and perspectives on systematic changes needed to decrease carbon emissions. The students felt inspired to consider their own post-secondary studies as many of them want to pursue being instruments for systematic change in our world for the future. See below the full interview with Dr. Holly Han.