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Campus Life Programs

Students in NCC’s Campus Life Program have access to accommodations in modern dormitories located on NCC’s campus, or in local Canadian homes through NCC’s HomeStay Program. All boarding students have access to computer labs, wireless internet, library, gymnasium, recreation rooms, fitness centers and outdoor sporting facilities. Regularly planned weekend and evening activities such as shopping, movies, dinners, tourist attractions and cultural events enrich the lives of students in the Campus Life Program.

Personal Care

On-site healthcare through our nurse practitioner is available to boarding students at NCC’s Health Centre. The Campus Life Directors arrange doctor and dentist appointments, transportation, and activities, and act as custodians to students in need of personal care or in case of an emergency.


Beautiful dormitories on the NCC campus allow students to experience all that NCC has to offer. Boys’ and Girls’ dormitories are separate facilities, each with a Campus Life Director and a Campus Life Assistant living onsite to guide and mentor students. These live-in care-givers help students develop solid, character-building relationships. 

Ladies' Accommodations: Tyrrell House, International Student Centre (ISC)

Gentlemen's Accommodations: Doanne Hall, The Annex

HomeStay Program

NCC’s HomeStay Program (subject to availability) offers students the opportunity to experience Canadian culture while living with a carefully chosen and matched family as one of their own. Families invited to participate in NCC’s HomeStay Program are individually selected from alumni, faculty, staff, families of Canadian students and other long-standing friends of the school. HomeStay students are included in all school sponsored activities and boarding programing.

Airport Pickup

Airport pickup is arranged for new students arriving at Toronto Pearson International Airport. Students arriving for the first time are met by NCC representatives to reassure inexperienced travelers and their parents. 

Campus Dining Room

Canada’s Food Guide is followed in the preparation of three nutritious meals a day for students living on the campus, as well as a hot lunch for HomeStay/Day students during the school week.


  • Air conditioning
  • Common rooms and lounges
  • Wireless internet
  • Recreation centre
  • Roku Smart TV
  • Fitness rooms
  • Large open areas around campus
  • Walking/biking trails along the beautiful Niagara River

Study Hall

Mandatory supervised times of study for Boarding Program participants encourage students to reach their full academic potential.


New international students spend time together to prepare for the school year. Course selections with the Principal or Head of Student Services, English testing with an ESL specialist, online shopping for school uniforms, ordering textbooks online, opening bank accounts, and touring Niagara Falls and the surrounding area fill the busy daily schedule. Students become familiar with the campus and program, meet new friends and begin relationships that will last a lifetime.