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Important Announcement Re: NCC Campus Closure

March 17, 2020

Dear Parents of Boarding Students,

Yesterday we sent a communication recommending that all students leave campus; this morning, Premier Doug Ford formally declared a state of emergency for Ontario due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Effective immediately “all private schools as defined in the Education Act are legally required to close”. In compliance with this governmental order, NCC will be closing the campus until March 31st and, of course, longer if otherwise instructed. For the detailed news release, please see the following link.

Before today, we had also advised against off-campus travel; now we are requiring that all students currently off-campus do not return until notified by the school that operations have resumed and they are safe to do so. We are also requiring that all students currently on campus make arrangements to leave within the next 48 hours. Parents who have not yet emailed the school detailing when their child will leave or where they will be staying for the duration of the campus closure are asked to do so by emailing the appropriate Dorm Director (for girls, [email protected]; for boys, [email protected]). If you have questions about storage or picking up belongings, please include those in your email and the Dorm Director will reply to you in this regard as soon as they can.

These are unprecedented times and we believe that the safest and best place for your child is at home with you. We understand the complicated decision-making process posed to parents as they consider what place is best for their child. For this reason, we have committed to delivering a high-level online education to each student regardless of changes in timezone, country, and context from March 23 until the end of the school year, if necessary. We understand that travelling home might restrict students from travelling back to Canada should schools open, and we commit to educating your child at home regardless. As we have said in the previous correspondence, given our commitment to online learning and our teachers’ commitment to individual student support through the online environment, we are confident that your child can engage in the learning process whether they are at home with family, or staying with a family-friend or relative in the area.

Though NCC cannot commit to providing any long-term homestay accommodations, we know that these are challenging times for parents and for students, and we will work tirelessly until we know that each child is safely at home or with an appropriate family-friend or relative. We are committed to ongoing communication with parents and students as the situation unfolds and we continue to trust in God’s sovereignty and provision.

Please continue to reach out to us with questions and concerns as you make the necessary plans for your child’s departure over the next days.

Scott Herron

President / CEO