NCC Reflections

Joel Fidler, Class of 2023
NCC alumn, Joel Fidler, shares about his experience at NCC. Despite challenges like pandemic lockdowns, he highlights the resilient community and opportunities for spiritual growth he found in his school community. 
My name is Joel Fidler, and I attended NCC for 4.5 years, from Grade 9 to Grade 12B. From the start, I knew that NCC was where I wanted to attend high school, mainly because of the scenic outdoor areas and safe, welcoming atmosphere. Indeed, NCC offered numerous learning opportunities and ways to make new friends. I especially appreciate the diversity of the student body, as I was able to interact with students of different backgrounds and nationalities and get to spend time with them. 

Even though I spent a lot of my NCC days under Coronavirus lockdown, it was during those times that the resilience of our community showed, and we were able to continue with a positive and uplifting environment, even when we couldn’t be there in person. My personal highlight was The City youth group that meets on Friday nights, where we could all gather in the chapel to engage in worship and team-building activities. I appreciate NCC’s commitment to spreading the Gospel through community involvement, as it provides an opportunity for us to work in the lives of others and make a difference in the world.

Overall, I would like to thank NCC for an enjoyable experience and a positive learning environment, as well as my friends and teachers for staying by me through thick and thin and preparing me for the next phase of my life. I would encourage new students not to be afraid of trying new things, as NCC has many unique opportunities in store for everyone.

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