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Invest in a Life Program

For some families, NCC’s local tuition of $13,315 is too much to afford. Thankfully, people believe in Christian Education and want to help!
We know that a child will spend 15,000 hours in the classroom over their lifetime - and where that time is spent matters. In the right school, it can be 15,000 hours of mentorship with Christian teachers, learning to see the world with a Biblical worldview. That can make all the difference.

So, to make Christian Education available to those children, we have built the Invest in a Life Program. The Invest in a Life Program connects believers in Christian Education to local families in need. Through the partnership of a sponsor, and with the support of NCC, families can see their children attend NCC.

*Charitable Receipting: All donations to NCC’s Invest in a Life Program are eligible for charitable receipts.

Do you want to help change the lives of the next generation?

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Niagara Christian Collegiate (NCC) is an independent, non-denominational Christian school located on the beautiful Niagara River near Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.
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