Christian Deeper Learning: Carpet Ball Tables

Finn Campbell, Grade 9 Student
This year I have had many won-derful classes and wonderful ex-periences in those classes, from playing many different sports in PE class to learning new instruments in music class – but none of those experiences were like tech class.
In tech we did a truly hands on project that allowed us to use power and hand tools and work in groups to create a project. Through the instruction of Mr. Dunnink our class made two Carpetball tables for the school to enjoy!

Now you may be wondering what a carpetball table is. It is a wooden table about twelve feet long and two feet wide. It has walls that include a long carpeted surface with pockets at each end. Carpet ball is a simple game, played with two people where each person has six pool balls that they set up on their respective side, then you take turns throwing the cue ball down the table attempting to hit down all of your opponents balls, and first to do so wins. Even on the first day of our tables being out on campus they were already being used and it was cool to see what we made being used and enjoyed by others.

The actual process of constructing the tables was very enjoyable, but also had its challenges. Some parts like attaching the legs had odd angles to drill in screws and it was very difficult to attach. But other parts like building the frame went very smoothly for my group and didn’t take much time. I had prior experience with power tools and wood working, but the project still had challenges and helped me to get better with tools. In every group project there are people who take the lead and others who don’t, because they may not be as assertive. This sometimes means people don’t get to do as much in the project, so in a woodworking assignment you want to let everyone participate as it’s very fun to use power tools. At first, our group had some people doing more, not because they were trying to exclude others, but over time we got bet-ter at including everyone and it was cool to see our whole group participating.

As a class we decided where to place the tables on campus so that everyone could use them. My group’s table is now lo-cated in the cafeteria and has been used by students ever since it was placed there. This project has to be one of, if not my favourite, project ever. I got to work in a large group who worked well together and had no arguments, create a real piece of wood work that I can be proud of, and I made something that will be at NCC for many years after I graduate. I have to give a special thanks to my teacher Mr. Dunnink who guided us through the project, but still made us do all the work, allowing us all to use the tools and improve our skills.

Tech class has been amazing and it’s sad to see it end, but that carpet ball table won’t end – it will still be there and so will all the skills I learned and the memories I made in tech class.

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