Good Food & A Community of Belonging

Jackie Angi-Dobos, International Student Director
Words like ‘Tangyuan’, ‘Jollof’, ‘Kelewele’, ‘Okonomiyaki’, ‘Horchata’, and ‘Mandazi’, are common words used by students and cooks at NCC’s monthly International Cooking Days!
Monthly international days are a source of inspiration and pride for students as they prepare dishes from home, in consultation with their parents, and with guidance from NCC cooks. When the day arrives, the school community lines up in the dining hall in anticipation of trying those dishes.

At the end of the school year, all nationalities and heritages that wish to participate cook for a final Celebration of Nations! This is a highlight of the year for all NCC students and staff. It is a day to celebrate the diverse cultures and ethnic backgrounds of our community. The variety of cultures represented can be seen by the many flags flying on this special day and again at graduation.

For the past 13 years, I have had the opportunity to continue the international celebrations, as I encourage our students to share their cultural diversity here in Canada. From food to poster boards of photos and information, to artifacts from home, songs and talent from their heritage, and cultural clothing worn on special days – it is a true cultural experience to be part of NCC.

The welcoming and inclusive heart of teachers, staff, and students towards local and international students creates a space to learn about the world, about peers, and about what each student’s culture means to them. I hope you enjoy the pictures from this year’s international day.

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