NCC: A Family Legacy

Trish Sutherland, NCC Alumnus
Trish Sutherland, NCC Alumnus and NCC teacher of 17+ years, shares about her family legacy and her next steps as she wraps up her time at NCC. 
Today, I submitted my last set of report cards as a teacher at Niagara Christian Collegiate.  You may wonder why that event is significant enough to warrant a Facebook post!  Well, you see, more than 90 years ago my great-grandpa Nigh caught the vision for Christian Education and helped with the very beginnings of the school.  Several years later, he was one of the men who went with a brown bag full of money to purchase the current location of the school along the Niagara Parkway.  Since that day, every single generation of my family has been involved at NCC.  Some have worked there, and many have attended as students.  I happened to have the privilege to do both!  So, NCC has not just been a job to me for the past 17+ years, it has been a very part of my being.  Home.  A part of my family’s legacy.  So many memories are wrapped up for me in this place and the people I had the privilege to meet there along the way.  Today marks the end of an era.  So, it is with both sadness and excitement and expectation that I step by faith into the next adventure.  As I do, NCC will always hold a special place in my heart.  

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